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‘Trumputin’: Helsinki cafés readying for Trump-Putin meeting

‘Trumputin’: Helsinki cafés readying for Trump-Putin meeting

A café in Helsinki is adding some salty-sweet flavor to the meeting between Trump and Putin with a fusion “Trumputin” meal, featuring pancakes with salmon, onions, vanilla and berries on one plate.

Finnish authorities are gearing up to host the one-on-one meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, having announced border closures and enhanced security measures.

Meanwhile, local businesses are trying to capitalize on the high-profile occasion, by coming up with new, politically themed, offerings for their customers.

One such business, Kaffekievari café, is promoting its brand new fusion meal called ‘Trumputin’ – a set of Russian blini and American pancakes served on one plate.

The salted blini is topped with smoked salmon, smetana (Russian sour cream), and chopped onion; while the American counterpart is quite the opposite, incorporating a pair of smaller-size pancakes powdered with sugar and berries, served alongside two scoops of vanilla ice cream.

The cafe itself says that the salty-sweet quality of the meal didn’t intend to be political.

The ‘Trumputin’ is about “benevolent humor,” Tiina Launonen of Kaffekievar told Helsingin Uutiset newspaper. “People say that salt and sweet cannot be on the same plate,” she said, adding that mixing sweet and salty was about the balancing flavors in a single meal.

Launonen believes the meal – which sells for around €14 ($16) – is well balanced. “The smaller size of the American pancakes was determined by the need to fit them on the same plate with the blini,” she explained.

While unconventional, the ‘Trumputin’ is not the only gastronomic specialty to emerge ahead of the Helsinki summit. The Rock Paper Scissors Indie Brewery, based in the eastern city of Kuopio, made a limited-edition beer dubbed ‘Let’s Settle This Like Adults.’

The beverage’s label shows Trump and Putin facing each other, fists raised, as both men ready themselves for a round of the very game after which the brewery was named – rock-paper-scissors.