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Tualatin Valley alert: Beer, sake, good food and shopping

Tualatin Valley alert: Beer, sake, good food and shopping

by Dr. Elinor Garely, editor in chief of

The Oregonians I met in Tualatin Valley are very low key. They are so busy producing quality beers, sakes and wines to pair with their good food they do not have time to shout about it. Do not look for a sales pitch when you visit a tasting room, artisanal brewery, restaurant or shop. You will be greeted with a smile and staffers will be happy to answer questions, but after that, you are on your own. The entrepreneurs are delighted to give you lots of time to explore at your own pace.

Tualatin Valley. More Than Wine

Oregon wines have increased in popularity and ordering (or giving) a wine from this state is no longer a conversation stopper. From wine shop owners to sommeliers – ordering a wine from Oregon just demonstrates a sophisticated palate. However, Oregon is more than wine – it is about beer and sake, and honey; it is about antiques and art and good food. Tualatin Valley is about an enjoyable quality of life and time well spent over a glass of artisanal beer and freshly brewed sake.

All About Beer

In 2015, Ancestry Brewery in Tualatin joined the Portland craft beer landscape, attracting enthusiastic and knowledgeable drinkers. Because it is located (almost hidden) in a commercial complex on the Tualatin – Sherwood Highway you need to know about it in order to find it…and it is worth the search.

Ancestry Brewery is all about developing a quality product – one beer at a time. The company has a 3 Pillars of Beer focus: American, English and Belgian with the concept supported by a cask and barrel program. The beer is so good, that in 2016, the Brewery won Oregon Live’s Best Brewery poll.

Founder, owner and Head Brewer is Jeremy Turner. His branding of Ancestry is a salute to a classic nautical style that harkens back to Jeremy’s father and brother who were formerly in the Navy. Turner started his love for beer as a home brewer and he took a professional pivot when he joined Kulshan Brewing in Bellingham, Washington. Turner holds a BS in Chemistry and an MBA, worked at HP for 7 years and interned with the Portland Venture Group before becoming an entrepreneur.

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