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Turboprop replacement to help stabilize operations for Jambojet

Turboprop replacement to help stabilize operations for Jambojet

Jambojet earlier today announced that they acquired a new Bombardier Q400NG from Abu Dhabi Aviation, due to replace a similar aircraft which has been flying for the airline for some time.

Over the festive season, Jambojet had serious operational problems when one of their two Q400s went out of service and a replacement aircraft could not be procured in time.

Flights to Lamu, Malindi, and Ukunda were the most affected, and passenger and tourism industry complaints then prompted an investigation by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.

The announcement of a new aircraft entering service over the next few days will, therefore, come as welcomed news for travelers using the airline, as well as airline management, signaling an end to schedule disruptions, or so it is hoped.

Said Willem Hondius, CEO of Jambojet, earlier today when making the announcement: “We selected the Q400 aircraft because it has the speed and range required to service all our current domestic destinations and targeted regional destinations. It has proven to be the right aircraft for this market. In addition, the aircraft’s cabin will provide a quiet and very comfortable experience for our passengers.

“This new next generation aircraft has lower operating costs and will help us optimize our operations in terms of increasing the service quality as well as improving economics. We have some challenging runways for some of our destinations and the Q400 turboprop’s capability to operate in such terrains, its jet-like speed, long-range cruise capability, and outstanding turboprop economics were key factors that guided us in selecting the aircraft for our operations. The level of in-continent support that Bombardier offers is also very important for us.”

The aircraft will enter service just as soon as the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority has issued the required licenses and permits for the new aircraft.

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