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Turkey deserves smaller scale tourism and a balanced 2017!

Turkey deserves smaller scale tourism and a balanced 2017!

Angelique Tonnaer Kırkıl from Antalya, Turkey has this to tell eTN readers about 2016 and her hopes for 2017.

Angelique is a founding partner of Triada.T

TRIADA assists organizations, company or institution to add an international perspective to its activities, establish international partnerships and create new business and project opportunities.

After her master in International Relations and Spanish philology at the Utrecht and Granada Universities, she worked 3 years with EU institutions in Brussels.

Then she coordinated the foundation of the Dutch National Youth Council and managed the international & social affairs departments of this organization.

In 2006, together with 2 Turkish investors, she founded her own consultancy company for international affairs in Antalya.

She told eTN: 2016 was a year with wuthering heights in Turkey, one happening after the other occurred and the tourism workers and sector are struggeling and searching for new markets.

Many hotels have been closing their doors temporally. But unfortunately, the building of more big hotels continues.

We hope that this crisis will be used to make the final transition to a more sustainable tourism with room for mass tourism (with limits) but also for innovative and smaller scale tourism because Turkey deserves it!

We hope for a more balanced 2017 and applaud the decision by the UN to declare 2017 the international year of sustainable tourism for development!

We wish all a Merry Christmas and a balanced 2017!

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