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U.S. consulate in Hong Kong issues warning to visitors: Legislator Building under attack

The Hong Kong Legislator building is under attack. The U.S. consulate today warns American visitors in Hong Kong to avoid major areas in Hong Kong. U.S. citizens should keep a low profile.

Tension runs high as Hong Kong protesters smash windows ahead of handover rally today.Protesters were able to break the glass and are storming the legislator building. Police have been seen putting their gas masks on. The situation seems to be escalating.

Media from all over the world is covering the unfolding situation. Authorities in mainlandChina are blacking out all reports.

The area of concerns are

Media report a large turnout is expected for the pro-democracy march on the afternoon of Monday, July 1, from Victoria Park in Causeway Bay to Hong Kong government facilities in Admiralty. Additionally, the Hong Kong government has closed the roads around the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and media report police have prohibited access to Golden Bauhinia Square.

Over the past several weeks, protests against the proposed changes to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance around the Central Government Complex of Hong Kong SAR intermittently turned confrontational.

Demonstrators used a makeshift battering ram as they tried to storm the city’s Legislative Council, hours after a government ceremony commemorating the 22nd anniversary of the city’s return to Chinese control.

3.01pm: The temperature is 33 Celsius, and UV index at 10; protesters opened up umbrellas to shade themselves from the heat. Many are equipped with cool pads, portable fans (electronic or manual) and caps

Several protesters rammed steel bars and a metal cart against the glass doors of Hong Kong’s legislature on Monday afternoon as they tried to storm the chambers just hours after the government held a ceremony commemorating the 22nd anniversary of the territory’s return to China from Britain.

“Come on, people of Hong Kong,” dozens of demonstrators gathered along the side of the building shouted.

Riot police with shields guarded the facility from within the building, holding up signs warning the protesters that they would use force if the demonstrators charged.

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