U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow immediate response on US Government Opening

U.S> Skies are open. The U.S. Travel Association along with the Global travel and tourism industry had been bracing about safety, security and the difficult situation the U.S. Government shut down was causing to travelers. just this morning delays in American skies caused security concerns and uncertainty to anyone traveling in North America.
Friay morning US President Trump opened the Government until February 15.

U.S. Travel AssociationPresident and CEO Roger Dow had an immediate response

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The U.S. travel community thanks the president and congressional leaders for reaching an agreement that hopefully averts further disruption to air transportation, which undoubtedly would have begun to generate downstream economic damage throughout the country. Likewise, the reopening of national parks, plus the resumption of government travel and government-related business travel, will halt the estimated $100 million in daily cost the loss of those activities has been imposing on the economy.”

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