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Uber investing $75 million to create 3,000 jobs in Texas

Uber investing $75 million to create 3,000 jobs in Texas

Uber Technologies Chief Executive Officer Dara Khosrowshahi said that Uber will invest over $75 million in the state of Texas to create thousands of jobs.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who announced the new Uber investment, said top US ride-sharing company will open its U.S. General and Administrative Hub with multiple corporate functions in Dallas, Texas, and the project will generate 3,000 new jobs for American workers.

Texas has granted Uber 24 million dollars in incentives to encourage the company’s job-creating project to bolster the state’s economic growth.

“Uber is confident it can create 3,000 jobs & pay at least an average annual salary of $100,000,” Abbott tweeted Tuesday.

“Dallas became the first city in Texas where the Uber app was available in 2012, and since then Texas has been a hub of innovation for our platform,” said Khosrowshahi in a statement.

Dallas officials said Uber’s decision on the major investment in the city “speaks to the depth of innovation and technology talent that is moving to the Dallas region” and highlights the city as “a premier talent market for companies looking to expand.”

Dallas has seen the fourth-highest high-tech job growth of any U.S. metro area over the past four years, said Dallas Regional Chamber President and CEO Dale Petroskey.

Uber is expanding its transportation-related businesses, including ride hailing, food delivery and the development of urban air taxis, in the Dallas region.

San Francisco-based Uber is planning to build the largest hub in Dallas outside of its headquarters in San Francisco, with about 400 employees expected to be relocated to Dallas by the end of this year, according to Dallas media reports.

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