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Uganda Tourism include a mountain gorilla boom

Uganda Tourism include a mountain gorilla boom

Tony Ofungi of  Maleng Travel  in  Uganda has been a friend and contributor for eTN for several years.

2016 has been an eventful year. Naturally, politics dictates every sphere of our lives including tourism. In Uganda it was an election year with uncertainty over what would follow.Thankfully the dust settled and tourism blossomed to the high season. The endangered mountain gorillas experienced a baby boom. It was highlighted on the giant screens of Times Square in New York, alongside Super Trump ads. In the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo, one migrant gorilla originating from Uganda gave birth to twins, a rare occurrence. Sadly one of them died as did an Alpha male from Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park had a fatal fall from a tree.

A couple of weeks before I was on tour of the same misty forests with a trio of wholesalers from Italy who managed to capture magical moments on camera of the gorillas in horseplay or simply lazing around before visiting the scenic Queen Elizabeth National Park north.

As we head into a new calendar year, we look forward to a promise of new markets in the tourism fold judging from the superlative comments of the previous famtrips paramount is packaging the right mix to augment every element of the package and to work with like-minded partners within the sector to achieve this end.

Most of all working together with the eTN family to achieve headline visibility for the tourism and hospitality industry as a whole.

Aloha to eTN and all readers from Uganda! Best Christmas wishes and a prosperous New Year.Travel safe.

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