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UK named top tourist destination for single travelers this winter

UK named top tourist destination for single travelers this winter

Staycation in the UK has been named as top for a solo trip

Thanks to its rich history and vibrant, accessible cities, a staycation in the UK has been named as top for a solo trip this winter, according to UK travel dating website and app.

According to TourBar app, 9.6% of UK members are planning to travel solo within their home country, with popular winter break activities including viewing the festive decorations in London, taking a winter walk through snow-kissed Edinburgh and enjoying a merry night out in Manchester. Escaping the winter chills also appeared popular, since 8.5% of UK members listed relaxing on Thailand’s beaches as their preference for solo winter holiday.

Unsurprisingly, a pre-Christmas shopping and sightseeing trip to the USA was also favourable among UK travelers, since 8.4% plan to head stateside to cities such as New York, Orlando and Los Angeles. Other winter breaks popular with UK travellers between November 2016 and February 2017 include catching the southern hemisphere’s summer heat during a beach and sightseeing trip to Australia (6.6%) and a foodie tour to Spain (6.6%), with Sydney, Melbourne, Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza topping the list of sunny destinations.

A wintry trip to escape the monotony of home appears to be most in-demand with younger travelers,  since 33% of those who have registered winter travel plans through TourBar are aged 25 – 34 years old and following this, 28% are aged 35 – 44 years old. Furthermore, the majority (65%) of those planning to travel unaccompanied this winter are male.

Top Countries and Cities For UK Travelers This Winter Top Reasons For Travel

UK (London, Edinburgh, Manchester) – 9.6% Sightseeing, Short Weekend Break, Shopping

Thailand (Bangkok) – 8.5% Beach, Foodie Tour, Sightseeing

USA (New York, Orlando, Los Angeles) – 8.4% Sightseeing, Shopping, Concert / Festival

Australia (Sydney, Melbourne) – 6.6% Beach, Sightseeing, Sport

Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza) – 6.6% Foodie Tour, Sightseeing, Short Weekend Break

India (Goa) – 3.6% Beach, Foodie Tour, Sightseeing

Italy (Rome) – 3.3% Foodie Tour, Short Weekend Break, Shopping

New Zealand (Auckland) – 2.5% Sightseeing, Sport

France (Paris, Marseille) – 2.4% Sightseeing, Concert / Festival, Foodie Tour

Philippines (Manila) – 2.3% Beach, Sightseeing, Foodie Tour

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