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United Airlines Ground stop lifted

United Airlines Ground stop lifted

A Sunday evening flight on United Airlines turned to be a frustration for ten-thousands of passengers in the United States. United Airlines says domestic flights are on the move again after being grounded Sunday because of a computer problem.

United Continental Holdings Inc. had a computer issue Sunday evening that caused it to ask the Federal Aviation Administration to put into effect a “ground stop” for its arriving and departing flights.

The airline said at around 9 p.m. ET Sunday that the issue had been resolved and flights were set to resume, but warned that “customers may experience continued delays as we work through this.”

Company spokeswoman Maddie King says the “IT issue” that initially caused the ground stop has been resolved and flights are resuming, but customers may experience additional delays. She didn’t give any more details.

It was not immediately clear how many flights were affected. The ground stop lasted about 2  hours.

Chicago-based United Airlines and United Express operate more than 4,500 flights a day to 339 airports across five continents.

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