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US citizens warned against traveling to Jordan and Egypt

US citizens warned against traveling to Jordan and Egypt

The United States has warned its citizens against traveling to all parts of Jordan, after two recent terror attacks killed dozens of people, including a Canadian tourist in a southern city.

The State Department issued the warning on Friday, saying that terrorists “have expressed a desire to conduct attacks targeting US citizens and Westerners in Jordan.”

The statement said the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group “continue to plot assaults” in the country.

“Within the last year, Jordanian authorities have notified the US Embassy of several disrupted terrorist plots targeting US citizens and Westerners,” it added.

Daesh claimed responsibility for last Sunday’s attack in the central town of Karak, which was the deadliest attack in recent days. It killed ten people, including seven members of the Jordanian security forces, two citizens and a Canadian tourist.

The department issued a similar warning for Americans traveling to Egypt, advising them to avoid visiting the Sinai Peninsula and the Western Desert regions.

In the statement on Friday, the department said that “terrorist attacks can occur anywhere in the country,” arguing that several organizations are operating in the North African country, including the Daesh group.

A state of emergency has been declared across the whole peninsula since October 2014, after a deadly attack claimed the lives of at least 33 soldiers.

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