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Valencia Conference Centre wins 2018 AIPC Apex Award

The 2018 Annual Conference of the International Association of Convention Centres
(AIPC) held last week in London UK featured the presentation of the 2018 AIPC Apex
Award – an award made in recognition of the highest client rating received by a
convention centre – to the Valencia Conference Centre in Spain.
The decision was reached after an analysis of client surveys from 17 finalist centres, all
of whom had qualified for the competition by achieving a required complement of
client testimonials which were analyzed by the international market research firm Ipsos
under a rigorous set of evaluation criteria established for the Award.

“The Apex Award is our highest honor and is therefore made on basis of the most
in-depth independent analysis of facilities and services in the industry”, said AIPC
President Aloysius Arlando. “The Award decision is therefore entirely in the hands of
centre clients, who rate a wide range of facility qualities to enable Ipsos to arrive at a
conclusion that is as meaningful as it is prestigious. These qualities include facilities,
project management, customer relations, catering, creativity and technology, and
collectively add up to a comprehensive assessment of a centre’s capabilities and

In receiving the Award, Valencia Conference General Manager Sylvia Andrés said “The
recognition of a convention centre as the World’s Best in the opinion of its clients is the
best recommendation a conference centre can have. It also coincides with the fact that
this year we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary, which makes it especially important
as an endorsement of the management and the results we have achieved”.

The AIPC Board also recognized two runners-up in this year’s award; the Kongresskultur Bregenz GmbH, Austria and the Palais des congrès de Montréal in Canada. “Given the very intense competition this year, our runners-up also deserve important recognition, as the very high standards required to compete in this program make this achievement an important one, second only to the overall winner”, said Arlando.

“The AIPC Apex Award process clearly distinguishes the factors that are most important to clients in their determination of centre performance” he said. “The result is that every participant is a winner in the sense that the Award process generates information and insights that drive overall centre performance, and which are of great use in advancing each centre’s product. Having said that, the winner and runners-up can take great pride in their emergence as the best amongst their peers”.