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Vanilla Alliance in Mauritius: A working partnership

Vanilla Alliance in Mauritius: A working partnership

The Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands are made up of the islands of Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mayotte, Reunion and Seychelles, and coming out of this working partnership came the “Vanille Alliance”.

Presidents and CEOs of the four leading airlines of the Indian Ocean met in the concept of the Vanilla Alliance in Mauritius on Friday, June 15, 2018.

Marie Joseph MALE, CEO of Air Austral, Somaskaran Thiagarajan APPAVOU, Air Mauritius CEO, Besoa RAZAFIMAHARO, Chief Executive Officer of Air Madagascar and Remco ALTHUIS, CEO of Air Seychelles, met for the first time since of most of these airline leaders were new in office.

During this meeting, they enthusiastically confirmed their willingness to work together, within the framework of the Alliance, to improve the connectivity of the islands of the Indian Ocean. The Alliance’s work program, set from its inception in May 2015, has been confirmed.

The meeting was reminded of the 4 themes that had been agreed to by all the member companies:

– Search for attractive tariff packages for passengers.
– Program of connectivity of the Indian Ocean Islands.

Optimizing partnerships to increase the number of destinations offered to passengers
Pooling of means: fleet and airport equipment
It was again agreed that coming from these four themes, a real spirit of cooperation for work will be carried out by the 4 airlines, around the same objectives:- to create real synergies for significant improvements for the customer.

Concrete actions have been launched:
– The deployment of a new Travel Pass in the Indian Ocean area is made more attractive
– Significant improvement of inter-island connectivity through joint efforts
– The establishment of chartering facilities

In addition, the leaders wished to work together on a joint program of action for the promotion of the environment and sustainable development for the four islands.

At the end of the meeting, Marie Joseph MALE, CEO of Air Austral, was reappointed to the Presidency of the “Vanilla Alliance”.

It was in 2012, that Alain St.Ange from the Seychelles was elected as the first President of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Regional Organisation aimed at forming a new tourism destination brand. That same year, St.Ange was also named by then Seychelles President, James Michel, as the Minister of Tourism and Culture. In 2016, he became the island’s Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports, and Marine. Minister Alain St.Ange was elected as the first President of the Vanilla Islands at the organization’s first meeting held in Seychelles. His mandate was extended for a second term at the Ministerial Meeting of the organization held in Antananarivo in Madagascar. Pascale Viroleau of Reunion was appointed CEO of the Organisation. Alain St.Ange was succeeded by Didier Robert of Reunion

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