VFS Global to provide Germany visa services in 14 Asia Pacific countries

VFS Global has been awarded the Regional Contract to provide Germany visa services in the Asia Pacific region, by the Government of Germany’s Federal Foreign Office. As per this new contract, VFS Global will operate Germany Visa Application Centers in 36 new locations across 14 countries.

Residents of Brunei, Fiji, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea,

Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, P.R. China and Thailand will soon be able to apply for Germany visas through VFS Global.

VFS Global is expected to start operations in the new Visa Application Centres during the first quarter of 2019. The People’s Republic of China alone will see the addition of centers in 15 cities, further strengthening access to Germany’s visa services across the country. Germany  Visa Application Centres in China will be located in Beijing; Chengdu; Guangzhou (Kanton); Shenyang; Shanghai; Xi’an; Wuhan; Changsha; Jinan; Kunming; Chongqing; Fuzhou; Shenzhen; Nanjing; Hangzhou.

In addition to these facilities, VFS Global will also offer a Mobile Biometric Service in 24 locations throughout the region. The Mobile Biometric Service enables applicants to submit their documents and biometric information from a location of their choice, e.g. from their home or office, eliminating the need to visit a Visa Application Centre.

VFS Global currently operates 59 Germany Visa Application Centres across 16 countries.

Said Zubin Karkaria, Chief Executive Officer, VFS Global Group: “We are grateful to the client governments who have shown their faith in our ability to maintain the highest levels of excellence in visa services. With the new contract, Germany visa applicants across 14 countries in Asia Pacific can enjoy streamlined and efficient visa services at VFS Global centers and avail of innovative services like the ‘doorstep’ visa service.”

Meanwhile, in August and September VFS Global has signed new contracts with seven other client governments to provide visa services in various regions, reaffirming its position as a market leader in the visa application outsourcing business.

As per the renewed/extended contracts, VFS Global will provide visa services for:

  • Belgium in Rwanda;
  • Estonia in China, India, Belarus, Turkey, and Russia;
  • Hungary in India, Belarus, Kazakhstan;
  • Italy in Bahrain and Ecuador;
  • Lithuania in Ukraine;
  • Slovenia in 13 countries (Australia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canada, Iran, Kosovo, Mexico, New Zealand, Serbia, South Korea, Taiwan, UAE, UK, USA); and
  • The Czech Republic in Vietnam, Mongolia and Uzbekistan

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