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Visit Nepal 2020 launch in Berlin took over ITB last night

Visit Nepal 2020 launch in Berlin took over ITB last night

The Nepal Tourism Board and Nepal Embassy in Berlin went all out last night to prepare the world for Visit Nepal 2020 last night.

Organized by eTN Corporation more than 300 VIP guests enjoyed an evening with tasty Nepalese food last night at the Logenhaus Berlin.

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The Visit Nepal 2020 launch event was dedicated to honor the late Nepal Minister of Tourism Rabindra Adhikari, who was instrumental in the launch of this new era in tourism for the Himalayan Republic.

Nandini Lahe-Thapa, the director of marketing for Nepal Tourism Board called for a minute of silence.

She said: “Today, was supposed to be a special day of celebration but as you all know, we have unfortunately lost the Architect of the VN2020 campaign, our beloved Hon. Minister and other members in a tragic air accident a few days back. It was his dream to launch the VN2020 campaign at the ITB.  It was a very difficult decision for us to go ahead with the launch but for Nepal and Nepalis, Resilience is our strongest ……. and we decided that the greatest Tribute to him would be to carry his Vision forward with dedication and determination. We cannot thank you enough for your support by being here today.”

NTP Ceo Deepak Josh explained what tourism to Nepal is all about after presenting a breathtaking video of Nepal.

Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism Ed Bartlett thanked Nepal for their cooperation in hosting one of the regional global resilience centers. Jamaica is the pioneer and host of the global resilience center project.

Dr. Taleb Rifai, former UNWTO Secretary-General gave a moving tribute to the late Nepalese minister and praised Nepal tourism leadership and the Nepali people.

The keynote address was given by the Hon. Nepalese Ambassador to Germany H.E. Mr. Ramesh Prasad Khanal. The embassy formed a tourism task group under the direct leadership of the ambassador.

Honors were given to Mr. Peter Hinze for his book on Nepal, honors were also recognized for the Nepal tourism representative in Germany of 25 years .

The impressive Nepalese buffet was opened by Mr. Dil Gurung Schauler who was providing the catering.

The year 2020 which is chosen as national tourism year of Nepal after the year 2011 which was the primary authority tourism year of new Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. The government and tourism department of Nepal authoritatively reported that Nepal will take the year 2020 as “Visit Nepal 2020”, a year committed to tourism industry of Nepal with vision of making a reasonable brand picture of Nepal as travel and vacationer destination, backing up the tourism foundations of Nepal, enhance the growth of tourism industry, and enhance local tourism as supportable industry. The legislature has wanted to accommodate more than one million visitors amid the year of “Visit Nepal 2020” and already far exceeded this number.

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