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The voice of the tourism industry is here

The voice of the tourism industry is here

“Visibility is touted as one of the principal ingredients of relevance,” and those were the bold words of the editor of Inside Seychelles, Glynn Burridge himself as he published his fine-tuned portion of remarks in the fifth edition of the magazine. The magazine has become one amongst the key pathways of selling the Seychelles’ brand; floating and marketing the idea of “Quality Tourism Seychelles” to the world and locally.

Accessible in both soft and hard copies, spread amongst our fidel followers; the magazine represents the “The voice of the tourism industry” which is ever evolving and the Seychelles Tourism Board solidly looking for new and exciting ways of promoting and keeping our image as fresh and updated.

The magazine which comes out at quarterly intervals covers several key happenings in the Seychelles where it offers both publicity and advertisements to its readers.

Each edition comes out with its own flavor; carrying with it new exciting news about the Seychelles. Respectively, every publication is saluted by STB’s chief executive Sherin Francis, who gives her perspective about topping advances under her responsibility along with new ideas she has to share and ongoing words of encouragement to characters of the tourism industry.

Featured in all publications are topics concerning new sustainability ideas or projects happening in Seychelles, be it updates or new research which may contribute to our vision. The magazine also features news concerning our customs and traditions through book reviews written by local authors, new creole recipes that can be tried out by our readers as well as new ways to indulge in and make the most of our scenes.

Its aim is to support new concepts and innovative ways that several hotels, establishments amongst other tourist domains are setting pace to developments. It sheds limelight on trendsetters in efforts to encourage others to follow such great ideas.

The editions also cover several personalities and portfolios of individuals who are branding Seychelles and its services both directly and indirectly. Columns are also dedicated to profile different sections, staff and departments of STB, intended to elaborate on their overall contribution to the organization’s roles.

Soft copies of  the magazine are available for viewing and downloading.

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