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Waikiki Tourist Manhunt: Quarantine Violaters Found

Waikiki Tourist Manhunt: Quarantine Violaters Found

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Waikiki Tourist Manhunt: Quarantine Violaters Found

Hawaii means business when it set up a mandatory 14-day quarantine for visitors to the islands in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus quarantine. To those who think they can slide by the mandate and play tourist right off the bat, words to the wise: stay put or be part of a Waikiki tourist manhunt.

Last week, 2 visitors – a male and a female – violated the 14-day quarantine order to stay in their hotel rooms and slipped out to begin their vacation ahead of schedule.

The couple – Kimberly Kim Tien, a 34-year-old from Las Vegas, Nevada, and Edwin Htun, a 33-year-old from Sydney, Australia – left their LayLow Autograph Collection hotel and were reported to the Honolulu Police Department by the hotel manager for violating the quarantine.

In a not well-thought-out move, Tien posted pictures to Instagram posts showing her outside her hotel room before completing the quarantine order, and a very irate Aloha State citizen exposed her.

The state Attorney General’s Office sent special agents to interview hotel staff and was able to secure records showing the couple had left their hotel room numerous times since arriving on Wednesday, April 15.

The Waikiki tourist manhunt began, and the tourists were picked up and released from custody on Tuesday, April 21, at which time they checked out of the LayLow hotel and checked in to the Outrigger Waikiki. Again, they violated the quarantine order, and upon being informed by the hotel that they must stay put, they checked out.

Honolulu Police were notified again, and a bulletin was sent out to hotels in the area to be on the lookout for the 2 tourists should they try to check in.

Following a manhunt for the day-tripping tourists, the couple was found and taken to the Daniel K. International Airport by law enforcement and to be shipped out of the islands on a flight bound for California.

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