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Want a dream wedding? It’s all about picking the right location

Want a dream wedding? It’s all about picking the right location

Did you and your partner reside in the same town or city when you first met? Are you living somewhere completely different now? Do both sets of parents live close by? In the modern world, it’s no longer usual to find friends and family living in the same city or town. They could, in fact, be spread across the state, the country, or the other side of the world.

It was always traditional for a wedding to be held in the hometown of the bride. The rules, however, are changing and an increasing number of couples are opting for a destination wedding. That does, however, raise the question of where to hold the wedding ceremony. Here’s a quick guide to help you find the perfect spot.

Decide on Your Budget

Before you start making any plans, you need to set your budget. Without a figure to aim for you could find the cost of your wedding spiraling out of control. As well as defining your budget, you also need to agree on who is paying for what. Traditionally, it would have been the bride’s parents who paid for the entire celebration. Nowadays, however, it tends to be the couple who pay for their own wedding, especially if they’ve been living together for a while. It is, however, all up for negotiation.

Agree on Numbers

Who you want to share the occasion with is going to make a difference to the location, so decide on the size of your guest list before you start worrying about destinations. If you’d prefer an intimate ceremony, with just a few close friends and family, your choice of location is going to be much wider. If your guest list is going to be a long one, then somewhere closer to home might be preferred.

Adults and Children?

Is your destination wedding going to be an adult-only affair or are children going to be invited? When kids are coming along your options are a little more limited as you need to look for family-friendly accommodation and entertainment.

What is Your Dream Location?

Where would you really like to say “I do” to your other half? At the top of a snowy mountain, or on a white sandy beach with the blue sea lapping at your feet?

 It’s your day so you can do whatever your hearts’ desire. You’ve already done the difficult part in deciding on a budget and who you’re going to invite. There are many romantic venues you can choose from, depending on what you’re looking for. A Dominican Republic destination wedding might be just what you’re looking for, with beautiful locations like La Romania and Punta Cana being the perfect backdrops for your wedding.

Deciding on the final destination can be an extremely fun task, but you need to make sure you do not get too wrapped up in the selection process. Neither do you want to choose a location that is too expensive for you and your guests in the long-term.

For your dream wedding, don’t be afraid to step out of the box and break from tradition. There are thousands of glorious locations to choose from, whatever kind of experience you’re looking for. Take to the open seas and tie the knot on a cruise liner, have the city lights as a romantic backdrop, or exchange your vows on a desert island. It’s your choice.