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War or Terror in the Gulf of Oman? Oil Tankers in flames, crew rescued and taken to Iran

War or Terror in the Gulf of Oman? Oil Tankers in flames, crew rescued and taken to Iran

A maritime safety group warned earlier today of an unspecific threat in the Gulf Oman urging extreme caution amid US- Iran tension. Hours later Iran media said the Islamic Republic rescued 44 crew members from two oil tankers and took them to Iran.  One of the tankers sailed under  Norwegian flag , other reports say the US Navy has confirmed that there has been a reported attack on US tankers in the Gulf of Oman.

The US Navy’s Fifth Fleet was responding to distress calls from the two oil tankers on fire in the Gulf of Oman. The oil tanker that was hit is the Front Altair, it was struck by a torpedo off the coast of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates

Later an informed source said an Iranian rescue vessel had picked up the 23 crew members of one of the tankers and 21 of the other from the sea and had brought them to safety at Iran’s Jask, in the southern Hormozgan Province. This was reported by State-run IRNA reported on Thursday.

Earlier, media reports said explosions had occurred on the two oil tankers, apparently as a result of attacks. The source, whose name and affiliation was not disclosed. One of the vessels caught fire at 08:50 am Iranian time (04:20 GMT) on Thursday and the second one at 09:50.

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Details about the incidents are still sketchy, but the ships are known to have sent distress signals to nearby ports and vessels. While the US Navy claimed it had been assisting the tankers, the Iranian rescue vessel was first to reach them and rescue the crew, who had plunged into and were floating on the sea to avoid the fire.