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We are one! San Francisco is one hot party this weekend

We are one! San Francisco is one hot party this weekend

Not only the weather in San Francisco is hot. San Francisco is one big hot party this weekend. Hot girls, hot boys, hot trans and any good looking or not so good looking combination of people.  Members of the LGBTQ community and nonmembers – everyone is welcome to be part of this hot party of young and old in the City of Love.

One million locals and tourists are in the city by the Bay having a great time, dancing on the streets and experiencing what makes this city so special.

The celebration: Gay Pride celebrating the LGBTQ community. Its about equality and that includes gay, lesbian, trans, bi and straight.

“Today we are one.” The city of Love, it’s citizens and the travel and tourism industry is smiling today. What a great message for the rest of the United States and the world.

“Mr. President, no one here really cares about you not recognizing the month of June as a month of pride and inclusiveness- may be because it’s you against the rest of so many good and proud Americans?”

Almost all corporate names and brands supported the massive event and the travel and tourism industry in San Francisco had a big reason to smile.  San Francisco enforced its standing as the city of love – and earning the mighty tourism Dollar is the well-deserved reward.

Led off by Dykes on Bikes, the annual San Francisco Pride parade was greeted by nearly 1 million onlookers and participants Sunday as the city’s celebrated its resilient spirit and diversity.

More than 240 contingents, including floats, groups and other participants, took part with an overall theme of “Generations of Strength.”

Across the nation, the scene was much the same in New York City as throngs of people crowded the streets, rainbow flags waving, for the annual gay pride march.

Tennis legend Billie Jean King was one of the grand marshals, along with transgender advocate Tyler Ford and civil rights organization Lambda Legal. The event, and others like it around the country, commemorated the riots that erupted in response to a police raid at a New York gay bar called the Stonewall Inn in June 1969.

A massive visibility of police made the celebration safe this weekend.