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What are the essential requirements for hospitality and tourism?

What are the essential requirements for hospitality and tourism?

COVID-19 is the biggest challenge for travel and tourism.  is an initiative adopted by industry and government leaders in 106 countries. eTurboNews: has taken the global lead.

What are the essential requirements for hospitality and tourism?

Sustainabilty, carrying capacity, and use of local talent and materials, along with deploying the right technology are essential requirements for hospitality and tourism.

This was emphasized by Anil Bhandari, industry veteran,
while speaking as chief guest on February 14 at the 10th India International
Hotel Travel and Tourism Research Conference organized in New Delhi by the
Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology.

The former head of India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC),
who now is chairman of AB Smart Concepts, said that there was no need to copy
the west and even the greeting should be Namaste, instead of Good Morning.

Giving examples of his own work, Bhandari pointed out that
in the ITDC hotels he set up, the stress was on using local materials and
talent, and this was liked by tourists.

Happiness and tourism had close links in the hospitality and tourism realm, and each country must make it a focus area, he said. Quoting figures, Bhandari said that for tourism to be sustainable, carrying capacity must be taken into account.

Professor Francisco Dias from Portugal spoke of the link
between films and destinations. Choice of travelers is impacted by films, he
shared. Also, local economies gained much by film shootings and related
activities. Dias revealed that his tourism film festivals in Portugal have
acquired a good name and are very popular.

H. C. Vinayaka of ITC Hotels spoke of sustainability as a
result of technology-adapted initiatives.

Ali Afshar from Iran made an interesting point saying that primary homes and second homes need to be looked at differently.

Ganesh Bagler from the information technology field said
that the data-driven food innovations had good opportunities for tourism.

Sudhir Andrews from the academic and hotel stream cautioned
that in the digital age, people – the young – look at travel from a new angle.

Gour Kanjilal, former Deputy Director General for Tourism,
listed some challenges being faced including seasonality, skill development, use
of technology, and maintaining quality.

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