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What President Trump just identified as his top concerns on COVID-19?

What President Trump just identified as his top concerns on COVID-19?

COVID-19 is the biggest challenge for travel and tourism.  is an initiative adopted by industry and government leaders in 106 countries. eTurboNews: has taken the global lead.

What President Trump just identified as his top concerns on COVID-19?

US President Trump today announced progress in the war against coronavirus. He authorized the attorney general to prosecute anyone hoarding critical items like respirators or masks.

The epicenter of COVID-19 is in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey and it was said the human to human spread had to have gone on for weeks without notice.

FEMA sent 8 million N95 masks and 13/3 million surgical masks to States.

Surgical ventilators  used in non-essential doctors offices and surgical offices can be easily converted to ventilators that will help people with COVID-19 and are being shipped to hospitals

250,000 tests were done in the U.S. and laboratories work around the clock.

The president was pushing for existing drugs to be used to treat COVID-19 and was excited about some positive human tests. Trump ordered the mass production of such drugs while they are tested.

Businesses are stepping up all over America. Facebook gave their reserve of Facemasks to the government. The president pointed out when calling this the Chinese virus he did not mean harm to Asian Americans. Asian Americans are great people and we work with “them”, the president said.

Comparing data from around the world 99% of those that pass away because of the virus were over 50 years and/or at pre-existing conditions, most 3 pre-existing conditions.

The president said the United States was designed to be open, and he wants the country to be re-opened for business as soon as possible.  He said, “We learned a lot, like social distancing.” He added: “Virus infection numbers in many states are very low.  Such states don’t have the same situation as New York or Los Angeles has. Reactions have to be very tailored by region and age groups.”

The president said a company like Boeing is creating an unbelievable number of jobs and needs to be protected.

China and South Korea are giving the U.S. insights from their curves of the virus. Washington and New York are currently on the curve China and South Korea were in their worst period.

The president added: “We have to learn. analyze and reopen our economy where it is safe as soon as possible. After an automobile accident, you don’t tell people they shouldn’t drive cars anymore. This is the same for the virus.”

New York City has received large shipments of critical medical supplies, including 400 ventilators from a federal stockpile, along with hundreds of thousands of N95 face masks, gloves and two million surgical masks, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced at a press conference this evening.

The supplies, which arrived from a mix of government, private suppliers and corporate donations, come as the city prepares for a surge in coronavirus patients. Several local companies have also agreed to produce face shields for hospitals.

These numbers represent something good,” Mayor de Blasio said. “But we’re going to need a lot more of where that came from.” In the case of ventilators, the city has requested 15,000 to get through May.

The president said personal responsibility is most important: “Each person has to be responsible now and do what is expected: Washing hands and keep the distance! The virus could spread in subways and metro where people hold on to metal may have been an issue. People make choices.”

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