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What would remove travel barriers for future trips?

What would remove travel barriers for future trips?

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It is revealed that 20% of travelers have never felt limitless, with the biggest travel barriers being the language barrier (28%) getting lost without speaking the local language (20%) and struggling to find accommodation (34%).

When asked what would remove travel barriers for future trips, the top factors respondents called out were great accommodation options (37%), positive reviews from other travelers (35%), being able to ask questions and directions in the local language (26% and 23%), and being able to order their favorite food (22%).

55% of travelers think the best thing about travel is getting outside their comfort zone. The top getaways which travelers haven’t done before, but would love to try one day, include a volunteering trip (39%), gourmet adventure (38%), mystery trip (38%), sabbatical trip (36%) and ancestry trip to discover their heritage (36%).


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