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When vegetarian tourists from India travel

When vegetarian tourists from India travel

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Vegetarian food continues to be a focus area for travelers from India going abroad. A survey reveals that 70 percent of vegetarian travelers decide their destination on the basis of availability of vegetarian cuisine, while 30 percent look for vegetarian food after choosing a destination.

The survey was conducted by Cox and Kings during January and March of this year, with a sample size of 5,000.

Some other interesting facts that came out of the survey are that Dubai, the UK, and Singapore are the favorite destinations for vegetarian travelers from India.

Many travelers tend to carry ready-to-eat food if the trip is under five days; beyond that they look for vegetarian outlets.

Interestingly, younger travelers tend to be more comfortable with cosmopolitan food than older ones.

PHOTO: Vegan meal at Meininger Hotel in London

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