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Where are US millennials heading for spring break?

Where are US millennials heading for spring break?

After analyzing trends and data from bookings, it was found that American millennial travelers (those between ages 21-30) are getting more adventurous this year and booking spring break vacations to international destinations. In the US, Orlando was the top destination booked for millennials during spring break season according to the report by CheapOair.

While US millennials are still traveling to popular spring break destinations such as Mexico and Jamaica, booking data shows that millennial travelers are also getting more adventurous this year and heading to overseas destinations like Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Bali.

Most European destinations have been outside of the top destinations for spring travel in past years, but this year, London, Dublin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, and Madrid are all near the top of this year’s destination list. The percentage of international travel for millennials during the months of March and April is trending upwards with a 12% increase in international bookings since last year.

Top 20 most popular spring destinations for millennials in 2018

US Destinations:

Orlando, FL
Chicago, IL
Los Angeles, CA
Las Vegas, NV
New York, NY
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Miami, FL
Houston, TX
Denver, CO
Phoenix, AZ

International Destinations:

Bangkok, Thailand
Cancun, Mexico
Tokyo, Japan
London, England
Mexico City, Mexico
Dublin, Ireland
Phuket, Thailand
San Jose, Costa Rica
Montego Bay, Jamaica
Barcelona, Spain