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Where is the world’s top halal tourism hotspot?

Where is the world’s top halal tourism hotspot?

This country has driven halal tourism to the next level. What’s more, is that it is expected that it is going to grow even more over the coming years. This could be possible because of the rise in the Muslim population and also the spike of the middle-class across the Muslim majority countries.

New research has disclosed that UAE residents are the world’s highest spendthrifts of halal tourism outside their nation. It has been estimated that they have spent around Dh64.6 billion (last year). It was seen that the Saudi Arabian travelers were holding the second rank with their average spending coming to Dh59 billion. Kuwaiti travelers enjoy the third spot with their spending being Dh38.17 billion for the same time span. The findings from the study also disclosed that the global Muslim travel sector is being valued at supposed Dh660.6 billion and is might reach Dh807.4 billion by 2020.

During 2017, the assumed average spent by the Muslim travelers is around Dh5042 per person. It is being expected that this number might increase and reach Dh5174.7 by 2020.

The findings disclosed that growth has been triggered by demographic and socioeconomic factors.

Majid Saif Al Ghurair, who is the chairman of Dubai Chamber and also a board member of Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre (DIEDC), stated that halal tourism is one of the essential pedestals which are supporting the ongoing growth of the global Islamic economy.

The general manager of Gevora Hotel, Jairaj Gorsia, stated that the tallest and dry hotel of the world is located on Sheikh Zayed Road. The hotel has reported that most of the Muslims tourists are from Saudi Arabia. Even people from other Muslim countries stay at their hotel as it is a Shariah-compliant property.

In order to develop the growing halal market further, Dubai would be hosting the Global Islamic Economy Summit 2018 on October 30-31. It would also be hosting the Halal Expo.

The UAE has been touted as a preferred destination for Muslim travelers as it is having a competitive business environment, a wide range of travel and tourism activities, and world-class airport infrastructure. UAE’s Minister of Economy and chairman of the DIEDC, Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri stated that the Islamic economy produces 8.3% of Dubai’s GDP. Abdulla Mohammed Al Awar, CEO of DIEDC, stated that the DIEDC is working out with the members of Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology and International Halal Accreditation Forum in order to draw more accreditation bodies from other countries and work towards unifying the standards of halal globally.

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