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Where to travel to if you’re a snowboarding fanatic

Where to travel to if you’re a snowboarding fanatic

It’s true that many of us could never hope to be as brilliant a snowboarder (or as cool) as the famous Shaun White, but we can try to get as close as we can. The way to do this is to go snowboarding with passion in your heart and to visit the absolute best slopes in the entire world. Regardless of whether your snowy sights are set on China, USA, or even France, there is an awesome snowboarding location close to you.

If snowboarding is in your veins and you can’t go a second without thinking about half pipes and backside 360s, then travel to one or all of the following places to get your fix.

Mammoth Mountain

It’s not just the name that is mightily impressive, but the actual peak, too. Located in California, USA, Mammoth Mountain is arguably the best snowboarding spot in North America, as it caters brilliantly towards boarders of all skill levels. From beginners to intermediates to pros, you’ll find what you’re searching for at Mammoth Mountain. The trails are long and lush, the freestyle parks give you the chance to pull off epic moves, and with 150 pistes, there is a lot of room for snowboarders to get the adrenaline rush that they all desire. Just make sure you’ve got the right sports gear on, like wearing goggles not made in 1978, in addition to understanding the snowboarding lingo (you don’t want to look like a total Jerry out there).


If you’ve had the desire to party a bit more while still getting some solid snowboard action, then the Snowboxx festival sounds right for you. With the next festival taking place from the 23rd to 30th March 2019, you better get your ticket soon before they all sell out. Located in the area of Avoriaz, France, this is a part of the Alps which is unrivaled in terms of beauty and simply pure, white snow. While there is ample time to snowboard and try out some tricks at one of the many freestyle parks, Snowboxx also provides awesome music – Fatboy Slim, Chase & Status, and Basement Jaxx have performed in the past – as well as other activities such as igloo parties, comedy nights, brunches, and even a few snowball fights for good measure. Great for serious and amateur snowboarders alike.

Coronet Park

Think New Zealand is just known for The Lord of the Rings and producing excellent wine? Think again. The small but interesting country is also notorious for its amazing snow-capped mountains – which are absolutely ideal for snowboarding your way down. Coronet Park is situated around 25 minutes from Queenstown, so with its easy access and excellent slopes, this is snowboarding heaven. Here you’ll find the option to get private or group lessons from expert snowboarders, but you can also just go wild and board your way across each and every piste. A must-see for any snowboarder wishing to experience something a bit different and remote.