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Why Greece Needs to Be on Your Must-Visit List

Why Greece Needs to Be on Your Must-Visit List

If the whitewashed villas, sprawling sea views, and abundance of historic sites haven’t been enough to sell Greece to you, then perhaps you may need some more persuading. You may be aware that many people choose Greece as their go-to destination for travel every year. However, you also might not be entirely sure why it pulls in so many tourists from far and wide. Rest assured that if you book your flights for Greece in 2020, you won’t be disappointed.

Fresh cuisine

Don’t avoid visiting Greece for its cuisine on the assumption that it’s all Greek salad and olives. However, these are still an absolute must-have while you’re there (it won’t be the same as in a restaurant!). Nevertheless, Greece’s cuisine is worth visiting for in its own right. Honey is used to crisp up their delicate and light pastries and fresh fish dominate the menus. If you have never had real, authentic Greek yogurt, this treat is also a must.

Enjoying fresh cuisine is the best way to make the most of the Greek lifestyle in its entirety. Hiring a villa, such as those by Le Collectionist, is the best way to self-cater and use fresh ingredients from local markets.


While you may have studied Greek history and mythology in school, sometimes there’s something to be said for visiting the origin of your historical knowledge. It’s one thing to read about the Parthenon in a textbook, but it’s quite another to see it standing out on the skyline. One aspect of the Parthenon that will strike you when you visit it is just how intact it is considering how old it is. It was built in around 495BC, which makes its physical appearance all the more miraculous. The sense of grandeur it created in its opening days will not be lost on you when you notice the marble it’s created from, and of course, the sheer size of its Doric columns.

Mount Olympus

This dramatic and infamous mountain is renowned for being the home of Zeus, and as such, it is drenched in mythology and historical significance. It is also incredibly popular with avid hikers, as reaching the summit can be quite the challenge. It is a bit of trek in itself to reach, as it’s six hours away from Athens by car, and so it is worth staying nearby if you want to make this part of your trip. You can be rest assured to know that you can actually get the train out to Mount Olympus. However, again, it’s worth making it part of a separate leg of your trip outside Athens.

In the same way that you won’t fully appreciate the Sistine Chapel until you visit Vatican City, or you won’t understand the grandeur of the Louvre until you visit Paris, Greece’s international significance can be better valued by visiting it. It has it all in terms of powder-fine beaches, villas with infinity pools and famous historical monuments.