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Wine Tourism and a 2015 Bordeaux- A good combination

Wine Tourism and a 2015 Bordeaux- A good combination

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Thank you Mother Nature

2015 is a very good year for the wines of Bordeaux. This is the year fruit rose to stardom and tannins and acidity realized important supporting roles. August rains and cool nights brought balance to the crop after several weeks of drought in the early summer.

Location, Location, Location

The Bordeaux region is equidistant between the North Pole and the equator. The 45th parallel appears to offer an ecosystem that is noted as being ideal for the over 6 thousand winegrowing estates in this geographical area.

Grape Superstars

Cabernets and Merlots hold the leading roles for red wines (over 90 percent of wines produced), while Sauvignon and Semillon are the headliners for dry and sweet whites.

Vine to Wine: Checking In

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