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Women leaders boost ancillary revenue airline profits

Women leaders boost ancillary revenue airline profits

In the 21st century, airline revenue leadership relies on the perspectives of female executives responsible for ancillary revenue and a la carte strategies.  They are key members of ancillary revenue teams composed of bright, innovative, and hard-working men and women.  This latest report reviews the methods and the women behind the ancillary revenue success at four airlines: Alaska Airlines, Finnair, Jetstar and WOW air. It includes a brief leader profile and a ‘3 Question Ancillary Revenue Interview’ with each leading female Executive.

The following summary strategies can be embraced by any airline wishing to give its ancillary revenue a boost:

Alaska: Don’t just add fees to existing products, but rather enhance the service to create a new product. Then customers will more readily accept the change.

Finnair: Strive to design a la carte services that are supported through all channels: web, mobile, and global distribution systems.

Jetstar: The loyalty created by subscription programs exceeds the power of frequent flyer programs, while delivering reliable revenues from membership fees.

WOW air: Keep the rules simple so they are more easily implemented by customer service staff and understood by customers.

The Leading Ancillary Revenue Airlines and the Women Who Boost Their Profits was released today as a free-of-charge 16-page report sponsored by CarTrawler. The full report is available to download here.

“Ancillary revenue has become a universal benefit for all successful airlines, from global network giants to low cost carriers, because it provides protection against the unpredictability of airline fares and the risk of rising fuel costs.  The four ancillary revenue leaders presented in this report, along with the four airlines, demonstrate what occurs when people are selected and promoted on the basis of their ability, passion, and results,” says Aileen O’Mahony, Chief Commercial Officer at CarTrawler.