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Working remotely has become a global trend

Working remotely has become a global trend

Working remotely has become a global trend

Thanks to the rapid growth of the technology sector and the introduction of in-flight Wi-Fi, remote working has become a global trend. What’s more, running a business from any corner of the world has become a viable option for startup entrepreneurs, helping them to save on business expenses and tap into a widespread audience.

Rather than forking out for real estate and paying pricey business rates, startups now need little more than a laptop and an Internet connection to get off the ground. Without an in-house marketing team, however, how are successful remote businesses finding and retaining customers? Listed below are just some of the ways that companies around the world have embraced remote working.

Email Marketing

Sending commercial messages via email is a cost-effective way for business owners to market their products or services to potential customers. Some companies hire email marketers to help them achieve brand awareness and build loyalty with their client base. Others use professional email marketing software. However, technically any email sent out to potential or current customers is a method of advertising. Whether it’s promotional or transactional, email marketing typically provides a high return on investment, so long as it serves to enhance the merchant’s relationship with his or her customers.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos have become a highly effective marketing tool for companies of all sizes and sectors. Not only are associated costs relatively low, but reaching out to a consumer audience through video is in line with current social media and YouTube trends, so there is great potential for customer engagement.

Business owners looking to film their own promotional video can use a free video intro maker to keep costs to a minimum. This video can then be posted on social media sites, emailed to a customer subscriber list or used on web marketing materials to increase outreach. Those lacking experience of video software may wish to seek professional video hosting so that their video plays seamlessly from any platform or device. Professional videos can drive brand messages and allow business owners or employees to communicate directly with an audience, so they’re well worth investing in.

Online Customer Relationship Management

As any seasoned entrepreneur knows, building strong customer relationships is crucial to the success of any business, large or small. Before smartphone technology and wireless Internet made its way into the workplace, this used to mean picking up the phone and talking with clients or facing them directly. In many business sectors, this is still the case, but thankfully there is now an easier way to interact with customers from anywhere in the world. Online customer relationship management is also referred to as CRM.

Not only can customer relationship managers deal with clients via live chat, email and social media, but they can also compile data from numerous communication channels to facilitate a businesses marketing strategy. This encourages customer retention and ultimately drives sales growth. Business owners may wish to take care of their own customer relations running up to a launch. However, as their business grows and expands, CRM systems and social media marketers will deliver more consistent and effective results.