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World awaits results of US Presidential election

World awaits results of US Presidential election

The world gets ready for the results of the American Presidential election.

This American election for a new US President has been like no other. And it isn’t just the United States that is holding its breath waiting for tomorrow’s voting results… the world is waiting, too. Who will it be – Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

It has been challenging to say the least to figure out where each candidate stands on the issues, as most of the time they were both pointing out each other’s flaws during the campaign period.

Scandals were the name of the game from inappropriate sexual remarks to deleted emails, and even to the FBI chief doing things… well just downright questionable and literally unheard of.

It is as if everyone has lost their senses, and we are all just running on pure emotion.

So as we wait for the news to roll in, let’s take a look at some shots of the US Embassy in the UK that is aglow with stars and stripes as it readies for the election returns.

Our thanks to eTN special writer, Elisabeth Lang, for her © photos.

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