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WTTC members investing $1.9 billion for Argentina tourism

WTTC members investing $1.9 billion for Argentina tourism

Christopher J. Nassetta, Chairman, WTTC and President & CEO, Hilton, announced this morning the investment of $1.9 billion USD in Argentina by WTTC members over the coming years. The announcement was made in front of Mauricio Macri, Argentine President, and more than 100 industry-leading CEOs at the WTTC Annual General Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“It’s an honour to be here in Argentina and, speaking on behalf of WTTC’s membership, we could not be more pleased to witness first-hand the benefits of the investment that’s happening here,” said Nassetta. “In total across the country, Travel & Tourism supports 1.8 million jobs today, and we expect to add another 300,000 jobs here over the next decade with our collective investment of nearly $2 billion an important driver of this growth.”

Policies implemented by Argentine President Macri have helped stabilise the economy and his clear message that, after many years of protectionist policies, Argentina is open for business is a positive move for tourism. The substantial investment is a testament to Argentine President Macri’s continued support and commitment to the Travel & Tourism sector.

During a summit among the Tourism Minsters of the G20 economies, yesterday, Argentine President Macri has asked to take his message of support to the G20 World Leaders’ meeting in November.