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“Xiamen Style” kicks off in Washington D.C., Chicago, Orlando and Detroit

“Xiamen Style” kicks off in Washington D.C., Chicago, Orlando and Detroit

From January 29th to February 14th, the Xiamen Tourism America Counseling Center hosted a number of promotional activities to celebrate both the Chinese New Year and to allow Americans to take to heart the feelings, meanings and taste of “Xiamen Style” and everything it embodies. The cities in which events were held included Washington D.C., Chicago, Orlando and Detroit.

Tens of thousands of people — many of them Congress members and high-end business figures — were able to enjoy Xiamen’s stunning coastal scenery and marvel at the ingenuity of Fujian’s earthen buildings. People were also able to learn more about paper cutting, stone carving, kung fu tea, bo cakes, local Xiamen food and traditional local culture.

On January 30th, the Xiamen Travel American Advisory Center sent representatives to the Chicago O’Hare International Airport Departure Area to hand out exquisite crystal keyrings with “Xiamen Logo” printed on them. They handed out a total of 796 keyrings, and the purpose of these keyrings was to expose more people to the name, “Xiamen”, and entice them to come to Xiamen, China to get to know the city better. On February 6th, more of these keychains were given to 500 children in Orlando.

On February 11th, a Midwestern Chinese Spring Festival New Year Celebration in Detroit was held with nearly 500 people all attending to jointly witness the Xiamen Tourism Ambassador to the US’s promotion of Xiamen. This included visitors such as US Senator Debbie Stabenow, the governor of Michigan, and the mayors of Auckland County, Wayne County, Detroit, Traviso, and Ohio along with other high-end people such as the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago, the Business Counselor, the Chrysler Chairman, the Delta President, China Daily (USA), and the Vice President of the Bank of China Chicago Branch.

On February 14th, a business strategy luncheon was held at the capital of Lincoln, Michigan to discuss topics such as the advantages of promoting tourism, economy and trade, investment and financing in Xiamen, China. The luncheon attendees included the Xiamen Tourism Ambassador Mr. Zhang Ren, the current chairman of the National Small Business Management Association, Mr. Todd McCracken and his Washington team, the Michigan and Lansing City Economic Development Agencies, the Michigan Retirement Association, the Michigan and Lansing City Chambers of Commerce, the Michigan and Lansing City Tourism Boards, the General Motors Business CEO, and other business elites.

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