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Zero commission hotel booking portal charges subscription instead

Zero commission hotel booking portal charges subscription instead

An online travel portal has announced a zero commission policy to support hotels that are ready to cut the cord and change the way the travel industry is managed, marketed and transacted around the world.

Developed and tested over three years to meet the needs of today’s tech savvy, socially conscious travellers, this platform was created by a group of seasoned hospitality professionals who saw hotel profits being squeezed due to high commissions of up to 35% being paid to powerful Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).

We simplified the relationship between customers and service providers for the benefit of both parties,” says Yann Gouriou, co-founder and Chief Operations Officer.

“We work directly with hotels to guarantee the best available rate, and we have replaced commissions with a subscription model that provides hotels with a free listing for up to 100 bookings per month, supplemented by a range of premium options for a modest fee,” he adds.

According to many hotel professionals,this is a logical next step for the travel industry because it goes beyond standardized product and service distribution to reconnect hotels with their guests. The technical mind behind the free booking engine, Bjorn Harvold, is also working on solving one of the biggest headaches in the travel industry – expensive and time consuming cross border payments. Together with other travel tech companies,we are creating an intelligent payment platform using Blockchain technology to facilitate fast, easy, low cost money transfers.

“By offering a fast, free and effective booking engine that works with a wide spectrum of hospitality services we can challenge outdated approaches to the travel business and make Traveliko the “go to” place for the best member rates and other value added services,” says Bjorn.

“Our zero commission policy means hotel owners and management companies now have access to an efficient high-value booking solution. The more hotels that come on board, the stronger we become, and the closer we get to fixing the industry,” explains Bjorn.

This open, balanced commercial philosophy requires a commitment to change from hotel owners and their management teams, and the approach has already attracted a large number of hotels to this new platform, including global brands, boutique chains and independent properties.