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Defibrillator for La Digue hospital donated hospitality lodge

Defibrillator for La Digue hospital donated hospitality lodge

La Digue Island Lodge has made a donation of a defibrillator apparatus to the Logan Hospital in a recent ceremony this week. Two sets of the equipment have been purchased, and one is being kept at the hotel in case of emergency.

The defibrillator (RESCUE SAM) is used on victims of sudden cardiac arrest when the patient is unconscious and unresponsive or not breathing. It is designed to be easy to use, portable, and battery-operated. Voice prompts and visual indicators provide a simple interface for the operator. It is capable of recording event information including ECG and SHOCK/NO-SHOCK recommendations.

The donation ceremony of the equipment (made in Italy) was conducted in the presence of Dr. Edgardo Faure, who came from Italy to train the hotel staff to use the defibrillator. As for the hospital staff, the training was not necessary, because they already know how to use it (previously they had a similar machine, but it was out of order for a long time).

“La Digue Lodge is always committed to supporting the local community. We believe this equipment will be of vital use to the hospital’s provision of primary care for residents suffering from heart-related ailments,” said Daniel Payet, the Operations Manager of the hotel.

PHOTO: Mr. Daniel Payet, Operations Manager of La Digue Island Lodge, together with Dr. Faure handing the defibrillator to Dr. Dimgba and Mrs. Maria Cousin (nurse in charge) of Logan Hospital in La Digue.

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