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2016 was a good year for touring in Rome and Italy

2016 was a good year for touring in Rome and Italy

Roberto Melaragno is known as the Driver In Italy. His company based in Rome has been reaching out to the U.S. traveler for many years. Roberto has been recognized as a tourism authority on Italy.

He told eTN:  2016 was a good year for touring in Rome and Italy, and therefore a great year for Driver In Italy. In a world with many geopolitical disturbances (it could happen anywhere), Italy managed to escape the horrible events that hit France, Belgium and other countries. We feel that tourists perceive Italy to be safe, and of course we agree, but if the tourist has anxieties about travel far from home, how much better to be with a guide and driver who know their way around. The ongoing refugee crisis affected Italy and taxed our national resources, but this would not have been apparent in the areas where tourism thrives. The average tourist would not have felt it. Still, we are proud of the humanitarian stance that our government has adopted. This year Italy was rocked by some strong earthquakes in the Apennines in some wonderfully scenic villages, but again, well off the tourism track. There was hardly a blip in arrivals that we noticed.

That said, we are very sensitive to the needs of our travelers, including their need to be supported both by the people in the field and by the admin of the companies they are using. We trained new staff this year and were delighted to read the heartfelt praise our customers wrote about them on TripAdvisor and through our company website. We have been at this a long time, but we aren’t resting on our laurels.

This year has been a year of expansion for us, with new products and a strong new administrator, Ana Serra who partners with me. We have also done a lot of outreach and promotion to past, present and future clients, some of it through eTN!

Driver In Italy is pushing for more growth in 2017, going after complete inbound business more aggressively and creatively than we have in the past. We have always offered full packages even though we are best known for transportation and touring options. With the addition of Ana Serra to our administrative staff, we have added new dimensions in touring and a practiced eye on the accommodations side. We are about to launch a new division of our company that will stress the hands-on, customized tours all over Italy that we are primed to offer.

Our New Years resolution is to keep our company fresh and vigorous, with new options and new partnerships with others in tourism. One of our initiatives will be to pursue greener options in everything we do, both to bolster our bottom line and because it is the right thing to do. We think that progressive-minded travelers want and expect companies to respect the Earth.

From our house to your house, Auguri! Best wishes for a beautiful holiday season and a prosperous, healthy and happy New Year!

Driver In Italy offers you the finest tourism options throughout Italy, from transfers to full on packages with all the trimmings. We are renowned for our port excursions, custom touring from half-day tours to multi-day adventures, and our guaranteed eight-person-maximum set tours with booking capacity up to 5 minutes before departure!

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