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Adventurous days out for you and your family

Adventurous days out for you and your family

Summer is on the approach, so plan how you’re going to keep yourself and your family busy over the coming months. Your kids want to spend their vacation and weekends off getting involved in something fun, so book tickets to do something with them and enjoy days out as a family. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, then you’ll need to turn your attention to finding action-packed days out that are adventurous fun with a little thrill added into the mix. Adventurous days out are fun for all the family, and they get you thinking and active – the perfect way to entice your kids away from their video games.

Escape Rooms
Escape rooms have long been famed for their thrill, and they don’t disappoint. Escape rooms involve a small team of people trying to crack codes and puzzles in order to escape. Most rooms require 4-6 people, so they’re great places to take your family as long as your kids are old enough. Always check before booking tickets, as you don’t want to be disappointed upon arrival. Escape Room Jacksonville provides you with different situations from which you must work yourself free including a museum heist, a kidnapping, operation: casino, and island escape. Escape rooms involve all members of the willing party, and require strategic and logical thinking, so if this sounds like fun to you, then get along for an hour of adventure.

Paintballing is thoroughly good fun, and it gets you running around and feeling the burn, quite literally. Paintballing is a great way to let off some steam and get your blood pumping around your body. There’s no need to worry about errant paintballs as you’ll be made to wear protective gear as well as goggles and a helmet. You’ll be thankful for them when you find yourself being pummelled by paintballs while trying to reload. Paintballing is fiercely competitive and a great workout too, so if you want to encourage your family out of the house then suggest getting along to play the game.

High Ropes
If you or any member of your family is afraid of heights, then you might want to skip this suggestion. High ropes certainly give you a rush of adrenaline and get your heart thudding. They can be a great day out to enjoy with your family, and they require great stamina and perseverance. High ropes get you using your whole body to navigate yourself around the circuit, so if you want to win be sure to get your push-ups in before going!

Mountain Biking
Mountain bikes trails are exhilarating, and much like the other suggestions, they get you out and about and active. You don’t have to own your mountain bikes as you can rent them at different sites around the country. If you’re unsure about mountain bike riding, then consider getting started by road cycling or taking your family on long bike rides to prepare for mountain biking and trekking. If your kids love to be active and rolling around in the dirt, as some do, then this could be the perfect choice for you and your family to enjoy an adventurous day out.

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