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Alitalia plans to resume its full activities

Alitalia plans to resume its full activities

Following long negotiation with Etihad, the MilleMiglia program will once again be managed by Alitalia. It follows the inauguration of Casa Alitalia at Fiumicino Airport. Another innovation to be introduced, regards the elimination of the paper boarding pass.

The above announcements were made by the extraordinary commissioner Luigi Gubitosi in coincidence with the 20th anniversary of the Enac Report. They seemed to demonstrate the good health of the company which, with a growth in the first quarter of + 6% and + 7% on the long haul – the more profitable segment, shows clear signs of economic response.

“Despite Alitalia’s declared “death”, the airline now has restored its (financial) health, and its commitment to improve given the opportunity of the forthcoming summer season – said Gubitosi – while enphazising on the succes on punctuality.

This trend indicates that Alitalia’s first six month 2018 will show satisfactory levels of growth, and perhaps followed by the July-December 2018 success »

It is however to be decided whether the airline, and its yet pending problems, can be of benefit to the Country, in terms of public service.

Mr Gubitosi goes back on the point of punctuality to underline the good ongoing of Alitalia ground and onboard services and endorse it to the “efforts” of the staff. “And we are increasingly projecting into improving passenger service”.

The new lounge Casa Alitalia at Fiumicino is the beginning of a new growth that will continue with New York; and we will intervene in other areas of services onboard – from catering, optimizing the interactivity with the passenger and will get to the point where cliets can book and order their own onboard menu. We are also changing the loyalty strategy and, starting next January, we will resume the MilleMiglia program.”

A warning regarding Italian environmental rules was brought up by Gubitosi, enphasizing on the need for Alitalia to update the fleet as to cope with the competition that evolves with modern aircraft.

Last – the plan to completely eliminate the boarding pass, facilitating the procedure with transmission of the on-board document via mobile phone or via iPad.