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“Beautiful China, More than Pandas” tourism campaign arrives to Thailand

“Beautiful China, More than Pandas” tourism campaign arrives to Thailand

The naturally and irresistibly adorable giant panda is one of the most distinguished icons of China, having won the hearts of countless fans from around the world.

On September 24th, the “Beautiful China, More than Pandas” Sichuan tourism promotional campaign, hosted by the China National Tourism Administration and organized by the Sichuan Tourism Administration, arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The creative panda elements received widespread praise and swept the city by storm.

Panda fever has spread across Chiang Mai. On the afternoon of September 24, inside Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center, the latest world-class mega mall to open in Chiang Mai, a passionate and aesthetically expressive “panda theme show” took to center stage. Many panda figures from Sichuan put on an electrifying dancing performance that impressed locals and tourists.

After the end of the “panda flash mob,” visitors and tourists alike flocked to take photos with the panda figures and received Sichuan tourism promotion materials.

The little panda DIY zone was equally popular. The different white panda models stimulated the imaginative spirit with locals and students and many came to paint their own panda models. Their creativity were unleashed and a myriad of Thai style panda artworks soon came to being, which was appreciated and well-received by the crowd. The ensuing on-site selection and award presentation ceremony pushed the liveliness of the atmosphere to a new height.

At the same time, as an integral part of the “Beautiful China, More than Pandas” Sichuan tourism global promotional campaign, this time the “entering famous university” panda fans recruitment activity entered Chiang Mai University, and through an online sign-up and on-site recruitment, a total of eight panda fans were added to the ranks. The fans of the panda will have the chance to head to Sichuan to tour the Panda Base.

This edition of the promotion campaign was a hit among local tourism industry professionals and the general population alike. The event was reported by almost 130 Chinese and foreign media, successfully instigating waves of popularity in Sichuan tourism instilling new vitality into the interaction and growth of the tourism markets and sectors of Sichuan and Thailand.