Brexit: Caution from Ryanair – Flight schedules for 2019 at risk

The Civil Aviation must be a priority in the negotiations between the UK Government and the European Union for Brexit in order to not endanger the many links with the European mainland.

This appeal comes from Ryanair, the first big carrier that will have to deal with the decision of the UK to exit from the EU, officially commencing March 29 by Prime Minister Theresa May.

“It requires to be established a coherent plan of ‘exit,’ otherwise the UK is likely to have no flights from/to Europe in 2019,” announces the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kenny Jacobs.

The prospect sees Britain ready to abandon the European Open Skies and then the British government to negotiate a bilateral agreement with the EU to allow flights to/from Europe.

Ryanair, which employs more than 3,000 UK employees and carries over 44 million passengers to and from British airports, warns: “The risk is that by March 2019, the country remains without connections to Europe,” said Jacobs, “because if the agreement does not arrive in time for mid-2018, this would make it impossible to carry out the flight schedule for 2019.”

Ryanair, like all airlines, plan their flights about 12 months in advance. “So in just 12 months, we should finalize our schedule for summer 2019, which at present and without a rapid agreement between the parties, provides for numerous routes cuts to the UK,” says the manager.

The problem, therefore, will involve many carriers who will be prepared to handle the English comeback not without economic damages and consequences to be evaluated, especially if during the months of negotiations uncertainty will reign.

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