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European tourism opening for Ukrainians is big new business

European tourism opening for Ukrainians is big new business

5,000 Ukrainian tourists without visa got on the planes, in their cars or on the train to visit European Union Countries and entered European Union Schengen areas in a 24 hour period on June 17 alone.

Since the end of the visa requirement for Ukrainians to visit Schengen countries, what happened  just one week ago, a new tourism opportunity for European Union countries is already booming.  Tour operators, hotels, shops in Poland have a hard time keeping up with the new tourism influx.

Sofia, Bucharest, Budapest are just some of the new train link that increased frequency to handle the business.

As often said by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, and by WTTC and other tourism organization, open borders, electronic visas are the future for the travel and tourism industry.

Since the beginning of the cancellation of visas at EU border crossing, only 22 Ukrainians have been refused to enter. Since June 11, Ukrainian passport holders showing passports with biometric features are eligible for the visa waiver program.

The only losers are visa facilitation companies in Ukraine.