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GIRLS HEART BRUSSELS promotes Brussels as LGBTQ-friendly travel destination

GIRLS HEART BRUSSELS promotes Brussels as LGBTQ-friendly travel destination

Brussels is the ideal tourist destination, also for LGBTQ people. Today Brussels is mostly known as a gay-friendly city.

High time to shine the spotlight on women. Therefore, GIRLS HEART BRUSSELS regularly invites international press and bloggers with a LGBTQ and feminist interest to experience first-hand that Brussels is a city that breathes female culture.

Brussels State Secretary of Equal Chances Bianca Debaets: “Every person should feel at ease in Brussels, no matter who you are and what’s your sexual orientation. We think that Brussels is the perfect location to have fun and explore culture, also for lesbian and bisexual women. Our city is very inspiring for women because of the women who live here and organise fun and inspiring activities. We want to bring this more into the public attention, also towards international press and visitors.”

The gay party LA DEMENCE attracted thousands of international visitors with its latest event. The Brussels hotel and hospitality sector bloomed. This proves that a well-thought and smart image campaign can boost the Brussels region on both a touristic and economic level.

Last weekend GIRLS HEART BRUSSELS hosted a selected group of international journalists and bloggers, hailing from Amsterdam, Paris, London and Berlin. They followed a tailor made three-day programme, meeting local tastemakers, visiting the Pink Screens LGBTQ film festival and a performance at Beursschouwburg. The cherry on the cake: a guided city tour honouring the Brussels lesbian and feminist historical locations (such as Jeanneke Pis) by sociologist Marian Lens.

For 2017 two new editions are currently in the making, the first one in collaboration with Art Brussels (April 2017) and the second one Pink Screens (November 2017).

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