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Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association launches Pure Grenada app

Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association launches Pure Grenada app

The Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association (GHTA) has made a bold step in enhancing visitor experience in Pure Grenada with the release of its exciting new app. Launched on Thursday 25th May, during the Association’s Annual General Meeting, the Pure Grenada App is a one stop shop showcasing events and locations in Grenada along with digital images and information of restaurants, accommodation, culture, activities, festivals and points of interest in the tri-island state.

The App showcases a simple interface featuring places to explore, events, favourites saved by the user and close by locations. If you already know what you’re looking for then, the app features a search engine that allows you to go straight to the information you seek. It also allows for users to submit their reviews and ratings. An important feature to note is that the app can be accessed without a data connection.

GHTA Information Technology Officer, Clevon Noel, said, “As development in technology continues, tourism must keep up with new innovations. In fact, with the increase in the use of smart devices, it becomes important for our businesses to connect with prospective visitors/customers to ensure that our information is easily accessible. We are excited at the GHTA to provide this tool, the Pure Grenada App, to give our visitors a way to connect to us as we connect to them. ”

Grenada Tourism Authority CEO, Ms. Patricia Maher, who spoke at the launch, praised the GHTA for its efforts. She said, “We are happy that our partners in Tourism have developed this App for our visitors to use as a one stop shop for information on Grenada’s product offerings. Everyone is using their mobile devices to access information and visitors can discover what Pure Grenada has to offer at their finger-tips. We are working with the GHTA to share content, images, videos and our ‘Free to Wonder’ lifestyle campaign on the mobile App. This is the type of positive collaboration that will drive the marketing of the destination for the benefit of all our stakeholders.
The GHTA has also launched a website supporting the app at

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