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Hawaii Tourism keeps us all enslaved

Hawaii Tourism keeps us all enslaved

Hawaii Tourism means minimum wage jobs for many.  Hawaii Governor Ige telling eTurboNews, he keeps quiet about major tax evasion by hotels and resorts operating in Hawaii shows the true nature of a broken government system. The Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association having no comment on the issue underlines the dilemma even more.

Tourism is the largest job earner here, but  tourism also keeps many qualified professional enslaved.  For some it means to become homeless unable to afford skyrocket rents and a lack of housing. Unfortunately it doesn’t have to be like this, but with a Hawaii government unwilling to collect taxes due from hotels and resorts, and a corrupt system, the Aloha Spirit will only remain as a marketing tool.

Tourism profits don’s stay in the Aloha State. They are sent to giant hotel company headquarters on the U.S. mainland or abroad. What is left for those that work in the industry in Hawaii are often hand outs and minimum wage jobs – all under the umbrella of the Aloha Spirit.


It’s happening right in front of the Hawaii Convention Center every day. During a recent international conference delegates had to step over  this lady laying on the sidewalk in front of the Hawaii Convention Center . This lady is not injured but handicapped in a wheelchair . She is exhausted. She must have fallen off her wheelchair on busy Atkinson road, and is getting some sleep on the cement pavement. She and her homeless friend who is protecting his and her belongings in a shopping card is begging for money in front of the lucky liquor store . He is proudly showing our US flag as a veteran, having served this country.

It’s shameful how our state and our country doesn’t care .This state and all of us citizens are living on the money generated directly or indirectly in the travel and tourism industry.

We as a government for the people and by the people are unable to deal with the mentally challenged, homeless. I hear so often, they don’t want to be helped, and we chase them away and they only go from one corner to the next. Really stupid, is this what you call a solution to this problem?

Our visitors are our livelihood. Tourism and also social welfare is all of our business if we want high spending travelers to experience our spirit of Aloha and spend the big bucks at Ala Moana or our fine hotels and resorts.

It’s a win for everyone to help humans like the people you see in this photo I just took.

For our conscience, for the victim and the mentally challenged, for the handicapped , for our travel and tourism industry we all rely on to make our economy function. Isn’t this the Aloha we all talk about and market to the world?

Is this the impression our leadership wants to give the world when delegates from 177 countries walk to get some lunch when attending a world congress on conservation IUCC?

Some Delegates may just feel they never left their country , but we are in the United States of America. Come on, our Ohana should be taking care of each other.

Hawaii based eTN Reader Ernest David Kaimana Caravalho said on a recent Facebook post in response to this article:

I like part of this. You are right this is a shame to our government and the people. Until we as a society realize that society creates homelessness then we can never move forward. As for your comment that we rely on tourism, that is partly true.
We as a people should not rely on tourism or the military. We need to cut these ties and bring in real jobs that creates a new economic strength for us. Tourism keeps us all enslaved as the wages are minimum and keeps us in bondages. The Tourism board has lied to the world and invented what Hawaii is to the world. They have lied to us who are from here. They tell us and the world of the Aloha Spirit since the 1930’s. Funny thing is that there was no such thing as the Aloha Spirit in Hawaiian. They have sold us out and stole our lands that people come here to live homeless instead of in their on homes. The tourists and military machine has done nothing for us. They have told the same lie since the overthrow.

So until we change the way things are done here, homelessness shall never disappear. And no the tourist industry is not good for us. It’s only good for the rich who use Hawaii as a portfolio.


As much as Ernest David Kaimana Caravalho has a point, Tourism is there to stay in the Hawaii paradise. It’s the system that needs to change. It’s legislation needed tourism profits benefit the State of Hawaii and its citizens.
Hawaii Governor Ige’s attitude  to tell eTN on a recent article on tax evasion by hotels : The Department  of Taxation let us know that the investigators cannot breach confidentiality to discuss specific resorts, but they welcome information that could be used to identify taxpayers who are not filing or paying the appropriate amount is insulting not only to eTN, but the people of Hawaii.

If tax evasion by hotels and resorts are tolerated by the highest authority in the State – what is left to do?


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