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How to Survive a Vacation with a Large Family

How to Survive a Vacation with a Large Family

If you’re in need of a well-earned vacation, you may have completely brushed the idea under the rug at the very thought of the stresses that come alongside it. It goes without saying that going on vacation with a large family will take more time to plan and research, but it is completely doable. Rest assured, with a few helpful tips and tricks, your big family getaway doesn’t have to be traumatic. In the guide, we’re going to provide some advice on how to survive a vacation with a large family, so you can simply relax and enjoy each day as it comes!

·      Where to stay

One of the initial worries you may have when going on vacation with your large family is knowing where to stay. Once you have more than three kids, booking a hotel room to accommodate everyone is near enough impossible, meaning you and your partner are forced to stay in separate rooms with a few children each. Not only is this highly impractical, but it can also turn out to be extremely expensive.

As an alternative, you should definitely be on the lookout for big houses to rent so you can accommodate the whole family. With plenty of locations to choose from, these country houses offer plenty of bedrooms, as well as lots of space both indoors and outdoors, so the kids can let off a bit of steam. A house rental would also be a much less expensive option than staying in a hotel, as you can cook your own meals, or even opt to hire your own private chef if you prefer.

·      Schedule in downtime

While it’s important to plan well ahead and have something enjoyable to do each day to keep the kids entertained, it’s also important to make sure you don’t over-schedule and wear yourselves out. One way to do this would be to pencil in some downtime into your itinerary, where the kids can simply play or take a nap after a hectic day exploring. This will also give you the chance to have some dedicated one-on-time with your partner which is important in any relationship.

·      Packing

When it comes to packing for a large family, it would be wise to start as early as possible, so nothing is forgotten, This also gives you enough time to go shopping and pick up anything you don’t have. One top tip for families with more than two children would be to purchase a different colored suitcase for each child, so you don’t get confused as to who owns what. Try packing casual separates that they can mix and match together, so they can just whip something out of their case and wear it without too much worry about color-coordination. Also, be sure to prepare for unexpected spillages and mud, so be sure to pack a few extras to be on the safe side.

·      Research cars for rent

If you’re flying abroad, it’s likely you’ll need a hire car to get around. If your family needs a vehicle that’s larger than the standard five-seater, be sure to research larger vehicles that are suitable and book them in well in advance, so you know you’re catered for.