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Korean Air presents a library to support multicultural families

Korean Air presents a library to support multicultural families

Korean Air presented a gift of 3,200 books at the opening of a special library at a local community in support of multicultural families in Seoul.

The opening ceremony was held on December 21st at ‘Gangseogu Multicultural Family Support Center’ located in Seoul. Mr. Mu Chol Shin, Korean Air Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications, and Ms. Jeong Suk Park, the head of Gangseogu Multicultural Family Support Center, attended the ceremony to celebrate the donation of about 3,200 books by Korean Air.

The initiative is part of Korean Air’s 2016 campaign ‘Happiness’. This year, Korean Air has been working to promote happiness not only internally through different divisions in the company, but also externally by supporting local communities. Under this campaign, Korean Air wanted to do something special for the multicultural family and after circumstantial research found the support center library was in need of a renovation and an expansion of its book collection. Following installation of new bookshelves and appropriate furniture, “Happiness Multicultural Library” was finally ready to be donated in the name of Korean Air.

During its preparation, Korean Air employees were enthusiastic about the event and donated approximately 2,600 books including books about childrearing, cooking and housekeeping. These particular selections can help multicultural families adjust in their local community. In addition, Korean Air ordered a total of 600 new books in Chinese, Vietnamese and Russian as most of the multicultural families have limited access to books written in their own language.

Korean Air has implemented various types of events this year to inspire happiness and support local communities, such as delivering special lunch boxes for children in elementary school as well as providing fresh products to seniors who live alone. Korean Air will continue to roll out corporate social responsibility programs at home and abroad in support of local community’s development.

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