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Life’s a beach: Average beachgoers are female millennials, making over $75K

Life’s a beach: Average beachgoers are female millennials, making over $75K

Beach vacations are so universally sought after, vacation rentals near or on the beach practically book themselves. Or, do they? While proximity to the beach is a plus, it takes more than that for rental owners to keep their home booked from the beginning to the end of the season. Summer is quickly approaching, and people are beginning to plan their trips – is your beach vacation rental what travelers are looking for? Do you offer the amenities travelers want most? Are you marketing your property to the right people at the right time?

TurnKey surveyed travelers to help answer questions like these, and the insights gained give property owners, managers, and future home investors a leg up when determining how to best market rentals to attract travelers. By looking at those who reported taking beach vacations, TurnKey is able to shed light on who is most likely to visit the beach and what exactly they’re looking for from vacation rentals.

Who’s Going to The Beach?

Currently, the average beachgoers are female millennials with high incomes and no children. Half of respondents who reported going to the beach were under 35-years-old, with a majority between 25 and 34. Given the younger age, these travelers are less likely to have young children. In fact, 59% of beachgoers don’t have children under 18, compared to the 41% who do. Beachgoers also tend to have a higher than average income, with 51% of beachgoers making over $75,000 annually. This is compared to the 38% of non-beachgoers who bring in the same income.

Additionally, beachgoers tend to travel in groups and are more likely than non-beachgoers to travel with spouses, parents, children, extended family, and friends. Of all the people beachgoers can vacation with, however, they’re most likely to travel with their partner or spouse (73% of beachgoers travel with spouse vs. 54% on non-beachgoers travel with spouse). This means beach rental property managers and owners should be marketing themselves to not just large groups, but to couples looking for romantic, relaxing getaways as well.

The Ideal Beach Vacation Accommodations

According to the survey, a majority (57%) of beachgoers prefer vacation rentals that are large enough to accommodate several people. TurnKey data shows that people book summer travel at varying times in advance depending on the destination. Beachgoers tend to book housing accommodations two to three months ahead of their trip. This means beachgoers are booking February through April, since most beach vacations occur in June and July. Non-beachgoers, on the other hand, are more likely to travel in May and August and are less likely to book accommodations as far in advance.

According to the survey, the top three aspects beachgoers look for when booking a vacation rental include location, guest reviews, and the amount of space available. Beachgoers tend to place more importance on the amount of space provided by the property than non-beachgoers, who are more concerned with how the property looks in photos.

When staying at a beach vacation rental, beachgoers find cleanliness, quietness, and security to be among the top aspects that make a rental enjoyable. By placing an emphasis on these qualities, property owners are more likely to attract beachgoers seeking accommodations. Beachgoers also place more importance on having access to a pool or hot tub than non-beachgoers, who tend to care more about having access to parking.