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Louvre in Tehran: Cultural tourism reaches a sublime level

Louvre in Tehran: Cultural tourism reaches a sublime level

In a rare and exciting programme, the world’s most renowned museum, the Louvre, visits Iran’s National Museum in Tehran to showcase some of its treasures. The specially curated exhibition runs from 5th March to 8th June 2018 with the aim of introducing the Louvre to Iranians. It has four distinct sections: the history of the collection, the birth of the museum, its progress as an international player and its attempt to remain relevant in today’s world.

The exhibition has about 50 masterpieces from the Louvre’s various departments, exemplifying the rich diversity of the treasures, covering different civilisations and times but mostly in the context of French art and culture. It includes a few choice pieces from Iran and other parts of The Middle East.

The exhibition is a runaway success and because its opening coincided with the Iranian new year holidays, has also been enjoyed by many of Tehran’s seasonal visitors.

A concurrent exhibition of photographs of The Louvre Museum by the celebrated Iranian director, late Abbas Kiarostami, is a fitting accompaniment. With his unique view of the human condition and his complex relationship with the world, Kiarostami has captured the museum in a fascinating and inspiring way.

The Land of Turquoise Domes is honoured to be able to arrange visits to this unique exhibition for their Spring guests.