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Morocco Tourism awards Seal of Excellence in hotel and tourism training

Morocco Tourism awards Seal of Excellence in hotel and tourism training

The Morocco Ministry of Tourism is dedicated to presenting a Seal of Excellence for vocational training in hospitality and tourism.

Morocco’s Ministry of Tourism is working to recognize institutions of hospitality training as well as public and private tourism that are aligned with the standards and criteria of quality and performance required by the Guidelines for Excellence Label. These guidelines were developed by the Ministry of Tourism in cooperation with OFPPT and professionals of the sector.

The Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training, organized in partnership with the National Office of Vocational Training and Work Promotion, the National Confederation of Tourism and the National Federation of Teaching Professional Private are dedicated to presenting this Seal of Excellence for Vocational Training in Hospitality and Tourism.

So far, 5 establishments of hotel and tourism vocational training in public and private sectors were labeled as under 2016 in reward for their actions in terms of improving the quality of training; the relevance of programs and education provided; programming internships in companies; support the inclusion of the winners and development management and good governance of institutions. It is:

– The Specialized Institute of Technology Hotel and Tourist Mohammedia under the Ministry of Tourism;

– ISHR Polo Casablanca under OFPPT;

– ISHR Marrakech within OFPPT;

– Casablanca Hotel School in the private sector; and

– CCFA Marrakech in the private sector.
This approach aims to train highly-qualified human resources to the highest standards and will develop the capacity for innovation and improved training in hospitality and tourism and the professionalization of the course according to international standards.

To obtain the “Seal of Excellence” in the hotel and tourism training in Morocco, 13 criteria must be validated by all institutional and professional partners, published in a set of specifications including:

1. Governance and Organization
2. Planning and Strategy
3. attractiveness of the institution training offer
4. Requirements for access to training
5. Relevance of the training offer
6. Training / Internship Quality Management
7. Procedures and application management
8. Human Resources
9. Establishment of Infrastructure
10. Property Amenities
11. Opening on the environment
12. Social Responsibility
13. Insert and career tracking

The official launch for applications of the Excellence Label took place early this year.

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